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PicMonkey Offers Powerful Design

PicMonkey Offers Powerful Design

Looking for an online image editing suite with tools such as photoshop, social media profile templates and online partner features? And one that’s easy to use?

No, in fact, it exists! After seeing the new features launched by PicMonkey, we are impressed with what we are doing on the offer. want to know more? Here you can do with PicMonkey, which you can now test with free trial.

What can I do with PicMonkey?

Features of PicMonkey include:

Browser-based graphic design package
Frames, Textures, and Themes
Easy export tool
Hundreds of fonts
Themed collection of fonts, frames, textures and other elements
Template Library for everything from collage to social banner
Collaboration Tools (first for this space): shared folders, simultaneous editing and commentary

With these tools, you are ready to complete even the most complex graphic design tasks. Whether you want to create new images, edit photos, add instantagrams, or pimp your Facebook page, PicMonkey has the tools you need.

Need a Social Banner? Try PicMonkey

Social network banners and profile picks are increasingly important. They are also difficult to create without the right dimensions and a half-capable art or graphic design package. Thankfully, PicMonkey has covered you.

The app contains a collection of templates for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitch, Tumbler, Twitter and YouTube. These are all designed to fit completely, profile image and so on. In addition, PicMonkey offers a template for Pinterest, Etsy and popular online advertising formats.

It does not end there; You will also find templates for Apple Books and Kindle book covers. With the template, you can also choose from blank canvas, set to the right size.

This means that you can sometimes handle essential artistic projects in online life efficiently. For example, when you need to whip the Facebook banner, just load the banner, leave the images you want to include, and manipulate them. When you have a banner, export it, then upload it to Facebook.

Looking for a collaborative design tool?

What if you need to work on a design with a friend or colleague? Until now, you had to rely on old-time email (and all the limitations of its file size) or dropbox, which is quick to tell you that you are already running out of space.

With PicMonkey collaboration, there is a better way. If you need fast motivation and need input in real time, then these features are for you. It’s a bit like the design for Google Docs: Invite colleagues or contractors to your share space, and each of you can view, edit, and comment in real time.

You can set different access levels (editors, viewers, etc.) like Google Docs And with the unlimited cloud storage of PicMonkey, you will never get out of the room.

PicMonkey has recently introduced a trio of collaborative features. They allow you and your colleagues to work better together.

Shared Space: Create a folder of places and images to share with others. Then you can invite others to view or comment on your shared places.
Edit images with others in real time. It allows you to work with your colleagues on important twins.

Comment on images. Suggest modifications, tweaks and other changes to the designer’s idea.

Throw in other features of PicMonkey, and you’ve got an online graphic design package that can revolutionize the way you work. This is big.

Editing photos with PicMonkey

PicMonkey’s biggest strength is photo editing. You can upload photos from your device, drag them into a browser window, or import them from a cloud account.

For example, you can plan to add some types of Instagram-style filter effects to your photos. But PicMonkey can twist a picture for a memorable moment with a near disaster. As you see in this picture, it packs the tools to help fix a winning shot. You can do this by rotating the original and by cropping the subject.

Sharpen, burn, clone and many other tools are available to improve and enhance your photos in PicMonkey.

Learn more through PicMonkey’s Resource Center

It is easy to get overwhelmed with tools at your fingertips. With a lot on the proposal, the PicMonkey team has provided resources to assist you wisely. When you try your latest artistic endeavor, you do not need to panic; Just click the Learn link.

Top Adobe Illustrator Tips to Help

Top Adobe Illustrator Tips to Help

Adobe Illustrator is the best program for graphic design work; Similar to professionals and amateurs. But it is such an in-depth app that the fastest ways to do simple things are not always clear.

Here are the required Adobe Illustrator tips and tricks that will get you designing faster than ever before.

1. Apply multiple strokes for one object

Adobe Illustrator is built around vector objects that have a stroke (outline) and a fill (central color). If you are relatively new to Illustrator, you can not feel that many strokes can fill in the objects and

The image of this targeted board can be combined jointly with a lot of items. In fact, this is an object. A circle with yellow color fill and red, blue, black, white and black stroke.

Draw circle, cross 80px Set the filling in yellow, and make the stroke red with 40 width. Under the Stroke option, click on the dotted line and set it to Align Stroke to Align Stroke to Outside.

Now open the Appearance panel via the window menu, or hit Shift + F6. It makes a copy above the current stroke.

Select one below (we want the original stroke up) and set the color to blue and size at 80pt. Then duplicate it.

Repeat the process, change the color and add 40pt every time in the shape of the stroke. For the final stroke, just add 2p additional.

There are lots of other options. You can add filling shield and texture, add effects, change the opacity of elements, and more. You can also play with the order in which the strokes are placed on the image, which is the effect. Just drag and drop them in position.

Once you become attentive to the feature, it becomes very easy to create relatively simple objects in comparison to the combination of so many elements.

2. Make patterns and textures easy

Creating patterns and textures takes time when you do it manually. If you learn how to use the blend tool, you can do it in seconds.

With the blend tool you can repeat the objects many times, shape one shape in another, or create smooth gradient between different colors. And it’s really simple to master.

To get started, create two objects on your canvas. Now double click on the Blend Tool to open the dialog box. Set spacing for the specific steps and enter the number of the object in which you want the object to be a duplicate.

Other options are specified distances, which decide to distribute the distance between each repeated object and smooth color in pixels easily between two colors.

Click OK. Then, with the selected blend tool, click on the first object on your canvas and then the second one. Intervals automatically fill out.

Blend Tool works with almost any object including text, with only a few exceptions. Try experimenting to see what you can achieve.

3. Hide parts of objects with masks

One of the best illustrator tips you can learn how to use the masks. They are mass-time saving ones. A clipping mask, as it is called in Illustrator, is a shape that masks the object below it. Only the content that is directly positioned under the mask is visible. Everything else is hidden.

Masks add patterns, textures and gradients to shapes and text in a very fast, and non-destructive way.

Start with the object that you want to mask, open on your canvas. Now make a new shape above it. Make sure it is on the same layer.

Use the selection tool to select both objects. In the Quick Actions panel on the right, click on Make Clipping Mask.

You can make a mask or mask at any time.

To make a mask from many objects you first need to combine them. Select all the items you want to include then go to Object> Compound Path> Make. It changes them in a shape.

Choose your new compound path and the object below it. From the Quick Action panel, choose the Make Clipping Mask to finish the job.

4. How to create a complex shape

Shapes are integral parts of Illustrator, but making complex shapes is always intriguing. The problem has been solved by shape builder tool.

Shape Builder Tools, wherever their lines cross, works by dividing a group of selected objects into sections. All you need to do is choose which of those segments you want to include in your shape, and what you want to exclude.

When you move your mouse pointer to those selected objects, you’ll see that each person “shades” shadows. Simply click and drag through all those you want to add to your size.

You can create more than one complex shape from any group. Simply click and drag as often as you need.

How to Make a Snapchat Geofilter

How to Make a Snapchat Geofilter

A snapchat geofilter is a great way to identify a specific location, and it can also be used to advertise an event or local business. Creating a geofilter is not as difficult or expensive as it seems. So, in this article we show how the snapchat geofilter is built on the budget.

1. Can

Geofilters are one of those things you can make using canvas. This snapachat provides tons of geofilter templates that you can use to make your own. Even though you do not know how to make Snapchat Geofilters, this is a very simple process. Once you select a template, you can edit the text to match your event or place. You can customize colors and fonts to make your geofilter even more unique.

If you like, you can also create one from scratch. Use only one of the same size templates, remove its contents, and use the same measurements. Then you can add your text, size and color to it. To make your own snapchat geofilter free, press the download button in the top right corner of the screen.

2. Black pepper

Pepper provides an easy way to get started. When you access the website, you can choose from many of the best snapatite geofilters templates related to different topics. Birthdays, weddings and holidays are some options for you. Black pepper allows you to use an empty canvas if you want to design your filter from scratch.

Once you select a template (or start from a blank page), go to the graphics tab to add a fun picture to your filter. Pepper has hundreds of different graphics related to food, sports, flowers, emojis, and more. When you’re ready to add a title to your geofilter, click on the text tab. Black pepper has limited options in terms of font styles, but you are likely to be consistent with your event or location.

Finish your design by selecting Get your filter in the upper right corner of the screen. Pepper will give you the option of downloading your design for $ 9.99 or automatically uploading to SnapThat for $ 4.99. Just keep in mind that Snapchat charges an additional fee while uploading your filter. Black pepper keeps this charge in mind if you choose the automatic submission option.

3. SwipeStato

Buy a template at SwipeStudio to get started with your geofiltter. The cost of starting from scratch is $ 6.99, while other designs can range from $ 6.99 to $ 13.99. When you buy your design, you will also need to pay a snapchat fee.

There are many templates in templates, which make them perfect for beginners. Start on a geofilter design for a wedding, baby shower, prom, graduation, business, and more.

Once you choose a template or make your own design, you can add text, graphic elements, your own images, or even a bitomobile. SwipeStudio provides a fun collection of fonts; While some are cursed and elegant, others are bold and flirtatious. You have the option of choosing a variety of elements that are related to festivities, numbers, decorations and more. If you are not getting your desired image in any category, try searching for it instead.

4. Adobe Spark

After creating the account, find “Snapchat” in the Template Library. Adobe Spark will display approximately 30 geofilt templates for your use, which will make it a little more limited in terms of premiere designs.

Once you have settled on a design, feel free to customize the text, fonts and colors. By clicking on any of the variations in the right menu bar, the design will automatically change using the preset style. It also makes it easy for those who do not have any training in graphic design.

When you are finished, you only have to select the download button in the top-right corner of the editor. You have not taken any costs from Adobe, you just have to pay the snapchat fee which is based on how many areas you want to get your geofiltter in.

5. Filter

The price of Geophilter on Filter Pop can be anywhere from $ 6.99 to $ 49.99, depending on which type of design you want to optimize. If you are a business owner, you can subscribe for a fee, which allows you to display your geofiltter daily, weekly or monthly. Choose from templates for businesses, weddings, birthdays, and other events or places.

After choosing a template, you can start customizing your geofiltter. Like other snapchat geofilt makers, you have the choice of many fonts and colors. For even more temperament, you can add shadow and glow effect in text. Insert the graphics by pressing the emoji button, and if you have your logo or bitmap, the filter pop lets you add that too.

Top Free Courses and Apps

Top Free Courses and Apps

International Yoga Day is June 21, which is an ancient fitness routine. If you are new to yoga, you want to get more information about it, or you want to give it a round without any charge, check out these sites and applications.

Yoga often has a spiritual and overall meaning, and while some schools do such practices, we will focus primarily on the physical practices involved in yoga. If you want to learn about mental or spiritual aspects, there are adequate guidelines on the Internet.

Disclaimer: You will often read or hear about Yoga Poses, or Asanas, which can help with body ailments like back pain, migraine, etc., while they can be effective, before you do any exercise Consult the doctor who may already be excited. existing conditions.

1. Vinaya Flow Yoga (Web): Free Beginners Course

Esther Ekhart Online is one of the most respected names in Yoga teachers, and is the founder of Ekarthaog. For beginners, their program is often advised to try online before going out of one class so that you are familiar with the basics of yoga.

Anchart Vanasa teaches yoga, a more modern form which relies heavily on the synchronization of breath and movements. This five-part course will take you through the bases of yoga that you are most obliged to learn in classrooms. The first two courses are small, while the last three are long.

This idea is to be done three or four times a week, and when you are comfortable for it, move to the next class. The last category is a full session, so make it easy, do not hurry. This is the ideal class for beginners that they come for free in yoga.

2. Yoga with Kassandra (YouTube): Best New Youtube Yoga Channel

YouTube is a great place to learn yoga, in which many channels offer different types of classes. The new names are becoming increasingly popular with Yoga Cassandra, which mainly focuses on Vinya Yoga and Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga is another helpful form for beginners to learn yoga, because it depends on holding positions for extended amounts of time rather than vigorous activities or impossible vibes. The style of Kassandra is easy and accessible to beginners. She said, you should not jump right into the latest video.

Instead, visit the Playlists section of Yoga with Kassandra to find different programs. There are yoga classes for beginners, or you can sort by style, focus of improvement, or length of video.

Apart from Winsasa and Yin Yoga, there are also tutorials on other genres in Kassandra, like Power Yoga and Hath Yoga. Graduates for those who you tried out the original styles earlier.

3. Do Yu Yoga (Web): 7 Free Month-Long Beginner Course

Do Yu Yoga is a yoga-based fitness community in which various teachers have courses for various practices. While most of these are payment programs, there are seven free courses for an introductory month for yoga.

The course includes a guide for the first 28 days guide, 30 day challenge of men, bikini body challenge, meditation program, 30 day yoga challenge, advanced level pilates, and slowing down to Vienna. You have to register to reach each course, and you have to get it in your inbox.

The good news is that you can check the entire month’s package before doing this. In this way, you know what is expected in the next day’s email and ready for it. There is a 15-20 minute video lesson from each class teacher.

By trying different teachers and techniques for you throughout the month, Do Yu Yoga lets you get a real-time feeling of feeling like an online yoga tutorial. At the end of 30 days, feel free to do it again or pay for the premium course.

4. Down Dog (Android, iOS): Yoga Voice and Video Coaching App

Down Dog is a yoga app with focus on the rugs, which aims to provide some relief in back pain and strengthen your back. This famous Downward Facing Dog borrows its name from yoga posture.

For the kind of exercise you are looking for, there is a collection of different guided yoga sessions in the app. Choose the level, type, length, and how long you want to be in the last relaxing posture. After you choose, the down dog will connect to the internet and will load the video accordingly.

Even without seeing the video, you can continue listening to the down dog for a voice-guided yoga session. If you want, you can leave the video completely or just download images. You can also customize voice, background music and speed.

If you have a favorite or expected to live without the Internet, then Down Dog allows you to download and save some videos. The app also keeps an automated log of your sessions.

How to Run Mac Apps on Windows

How to Run Mac Apps on Windows

Have you ever found a piece of amazing software, only to feel that Mac is the same? With such a large range of software available for Windows machines, this is a rare item. But, sometimes, there are some apps that are better on macOS.

If you have a Windows 10 system, there are fewer ways you can run Mac apps on your device. However, this is not impossible.

Here you can run the Mac app on your Windows 10 machine, for free.

Step 1: Create a MacOS Virtual Machine
Windows Ten machine is with a virtual machine. While this is the easiest way, this is also a long process. dont worry!

Follow my tutorial on how to run macOS on Windows in a virtual machine.

The tutorial will guide you through the virtual machine download and installation process how to download the MacOS operating system, and how to install it in a virtual machine.

Once your MacOS virtual machine is on and off, return to this tutorial to learn how to install your Mac app.

Step 2: Sign in to your Apple Account

From here, downloading and using Apple App is similar to the regular MacOS experience. You must still log in to your Apple account to download and use the app from the App Store.

Step 3: Download your first MacOS app

Once you sign in to your account, you have to operate the app store. You can install almost any MacOS software in your virtual machine.

Select the app store from the dock at the bottom of the screen. You must re-enter your Apple ID credentials.

Browse the MacOS app you want to download. Hit Beaten, then Install After the installation is complete, select Open, and you are good to go. For example, here’s an example where I’m using downlink to automatically update my background with satellite images.

Step 4: Save your MacOS Virtual Machine Session

Saving the position of your macOS virtual machine session is easy. Why? OK, you’re using a virtual hard disk. Next time you want to open MacOS Virtual Machine and want to continue using Apple Apps on your Windows machine, save your virtual machine changes that you made in the virtual hard drive.

The best way to turn off the MacOS virtual machine is by itself macOS. Both VirtualBox and VMware have an option to power down the command, but with physical hardware, this can cause a problem. In fact, a sudden shutdown on your virtual machine could corrupt the virtual drive.

Select the Apple Logo in the upper-right corner, then Shut down. The operating system will shut down in the correct order, then the virtual machine will shut down.

Snapshot or Power off?

Virtualbox users also have the option to take snapshots. A snapshot protects the current state of the virtual machine, from which you can make a string of snapshots using the Apple App and the MacBook operating system.

If you are going to try something that can harm your virtual machine, then snapshot is very easy. A snapshot allows you to restore the virtual machine in the previous state, where you left off.

The functionality of the free version of VMware is not the same, unfortunately.

However, you should not rely on snapshots to back up your virtual machine activities, nor is the snapshot suitable as the option to turn off your virtual machine using the MacOS shutdown option.

Apple apps are not very fast

Is your macOS virtual machine not working well? Or are you downloading those MacOS apps that you are not expecting?

The thing to remember is that your virtual machine does not have processing power just like your host machine. This is because your virtual machine is sharing the system resources of the host. You can have a very powerful host machine, which has unreliable amounts of RAM and a multi-core Intel i9 processor. But not the vast majority.

What I am saying is that do not expect too much from the software you have installed. It is not installed on a dedicated Mac and is not similar to testing.

Updating your MacOS virtual machine

In a word, do not do it.

If you update your MacOS virtual machine on virtualbox or VMware, there is a very strong possibility that your MacOS virtual machine will stop working.

Due to the nature of the virtual machines’ configuration, the update process is not similar to a regular macOS installation on the proper hardware. MacOS virtual machines can not work with patches and workaround updates that work with a particular version.

Of course, you are welcome to try, but know that you can lose everything in the virtual machine in this process.

MacinCloud: A cloud-based alternative?

Running a macOS virtual machine to use the Apple app is not an option for everyone. When you can run your MacOS virtual machine with 4GB RAM, your experience will be affected. Old machines certainly do not handle the requirements.