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Top Websites to Check Out Music

    Top Websites to Check Out Music

    Today, there are far more ways for artists to bring music to the ears of their fans. However, the vast array of services can also be problematic – when you can pop a lot of people in different places, how will you stay with the new music release?

    A few decades ago, you should just subscribe to a music magazine and listen to the radio every day, but these days it is not so simple.

    Fortunately, there are lots of ways to keep up to date with new songs from your favorite artists and new albums. Keeping this in mind, new music websites are worth booking here.

    1. Music Ninja

    The music ninja is not related to Justin Bieber’s latest release or Miley Cyrus’s latest album. Instead, it focuses on the new content of less-known and top artists.

    Most of the site’s recommendations revolve around four main styles: electronic, indie, hip-hop and people. Music Ninja publishes regular playlists and often contains new features – the purpose of which is to introduce you to the bands you probably have not heard of. Every track in the playlist comes with at least a few words describing the artist and song.

    2. Pitchfork’s Best New Music

    Pitchfork is a wide-ranging music website that covers everything from interviews to exclusive video content. If you want to find brand new music for the “Best New Music” section

    It has tagline, “Highlighting the best music of the present moment,” and it definitely delivers. There are three sections: “Best New Album,” “Best New Track,” and “Best New Renaissance.” You can play a lot of tracks directly from the website via the Soundcloud link. This makes the site one of the best places to learn about new songs.

    Pitchfork updates shortlisted content on a rolling basis, but it only updates the overall winners in a few weeks.

    3. Billboard

    If you like mainstream music, go to the official Billboard website. The company was founded back in 1894, and has since become a definite voice on record sales in the United States.

    If you want to see what is going on popular or present, you should not look any further. The website includes Billboard 100 (Single) and Billboard 200 (album). You can play pieces of song through the site, or click the Spotify link to listen to the entire tracks.

    You will also find some novelty charts and themed materials for Christmas, Halloween and other holidays.

    4. Downwards

    If you are searching through endless lists to discover new music before releasing such a lot of work, you have to see Beathound.

    The site now grew up with distracted music- Alerts.com, but it was far more powerful than its predecessor. Simply put, this lets you upload your iTunes XML file, then gives you a list of all the new releases you think you will be interested.

    Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the site only supports iTunes. If you use one of the many iTunes options or rely on streaming services like Spotify, then you are out of luck.

    5. Spotify New Music

    Despite using the Spotify name, Spotify is not affiliated with the New Music streaming service.

    However, this is a great resource. Tell that site, the country in which you live, and it will list any new-released songs or albums you have in your area.

    Surprisingly, it prepares 21 websites to find new releases in the first place. They are: The 405, All Music, AV Club, Baierfood, Clash Music, the result of the sound, sank into the sound, The Guardian, Music OMH, NME, No Reporter, Paste, Pitchfork, Pop Matters, Resident Advisor, Slant, D Under Line Best Fit, The Music Fix, The Skinny, Tiny Mix Tape, and The Reeder.

    6. Allusion

    Like some other sites from this list, AllMusic only provides much more than listing new releases. However, the new music section is in its own category.

    This section has been divided into three distinct areas: “Newly released new releases,” “All new releases,” and “Editor’s choice.” You can filter each section by release date, style and record label. The featured section includes a written review, an AllMusic rating and a user rating.

    Each record has a link to the Amazon listing, but there is no fundamental way to preview the content.

    Just-released music video playlists are curated by YouTube. There are new songs of the world’s biggest artists, so this is not the place to find the niche or little known artists.

    YouTube updates the list daily. At the time of writing, there are over 3,500 videos in the playlist and users have seen it more than 95 million times.

    Top Mobile Apps for Forgetful People

    Top Mobile Apps for Forgetful People

    Everyone thanks to our busy life, struggles with forgetting on time. But there are some of us who are forgetful in nature.

    If this is you, do not worry about destroying your mind to remember everything. You can use many apps to help you remember all your work. Here are some great apps for people who are forgetting.

    Reminders and Automation Apps for Forgotten
    If you often forget to complete daily tasks, then reminders and automation apps can help ensure that you are not leaving anything undone.

    1. Tick

    TickTick is a reminder app that includes some powerful tools in your free plan. The best feature is its reminder scheduling. Not only can you set a reminder for a specific time, but you can also set its priority and whether it should be repeated.

    If you decide to remind a reminder, it does not always dismiss it. Rather, you can snooze it for minutes, hours or days. You have the option of looking at your various functions in the central calendar, which will sync with other applications.

    If you need a person who needs constant reminders, then there is a way to stay ticking.

    Download: Ticking For Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

    Remember the milk

    If you want a reminder app that is not locked by the load of features, remember that the Milk Aisa service that gives priority to getting your To-Do list.

    Some allowances of the application include the ability to receive reminders through more than just notifications. You can get them through instant messaging, Twitter, email and other platforms. However, remember you need to set some of these features through the milk website.

    3. Toddst

    A comprehensive-to-do list app, Todoist lets you create Reminders, Goals, Habit Trackers, Projects, and more. The app focuses primarily on tracking and closing these tasks, but you also see these tasks in the daily agenda format.

    If you miss the due date of a job, you can reschedule it later with smart scheduling of the app. In the meantime, projects allow you group work under a specific goal, such as the study of a curriculum.

    You can also assign tasks by sharing them with contacts. And when you fulfill all your work for the day, the Todoist also congratulates you.

    4. IFTTT

    IFTTT is an automation app that works with other apps to do some tasks. It can also hook up to set specific series of routines and events in your Smart Home Devices.

    IFTTT is full of applets – sets of pre-installed tasks, such as posting your Instagram images on Twitter. However, you can also set up your tasks.

    Some applets are especially useful for forgetfulness. To make sure that Google sends you notifications for your contacts’ birthdays, you can use IFTTT. Other reminders include scheduled indications and location-based reminders.

    Different types of applets are available to choose from the service. For complete information about using it, check out our guide for IFTTT and create applets.

    Apps for saving notes and links

    Do you ever want to read a story or take notes for later, but eventually forget? Fortunately, there are some apps you can use for this purpose.

    5. The dripping

    Instapaper allows you to read different types of links and websites for later reading, synchronizes your list in the devices. Not only can you save web pages, but the app also lets you save videos and other web content.

    The app has been optimized to make reading easier. You can adjust the size and color of the text according to your needs.

    Your articles are also saved for offline use, which makes it easy for you to read without internet access. In addition, you can create folders or sort items by date, popularity or other metrics.

    6. Google Keep

    Google Keep is a useful note-taking app that lets you save common notes, pictures, screenshots, checklists and more.

    Some of its most useful features include the ability of color-code notes, classifying them and sharing with contacts. You can also collaborate on notes with others – Perfect for organizing trips or programs. Notes also support audio and file attachments.

    There is also a reminder feature for notes in Google Keep, if you need to have extra fatigue due to forgetfulness.


    Pocket is another app dedicated to saving articles, links and videos for later viewing. The app is less bare in its design than the Instapaper, and offers more beauty appeal. However, it is more than just a beautiful face.

    Top Controllers for the RetroPie

    Top Controllers for the RetroPie

    If you are a fan of retro gaming, RetroPe is a great project. It takes a raspberry pie and turns it into almost any of the old consoles you can think of. It is endlessly customizable and is a great way to see the old favorites again or discover new classics.

    A game console, real or virtual, is only good as its controller. Choose the wrong controller, and how good any game looks, it will look wrong. Fortunately, with many controllers supported by the RetroPi project, it is easy for you to find the best controller for RetroPe.

    1. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

    When you think about controllers, the term adaptive is not usually the word that comes to mind. That said, this is what Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is. You can swap thumbtacks, directional pads, or paddles, and this is just the beginning.

    Obviously, this is for use on Xbox One, but when it is the most at home on Microsoft’s console, it is also a great retropi controller. The only downside is that you have to plug it in.

    2. Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller

    The DualShock 4 wireless controller can look similar to the old Sony controllers, but almost every aspect has been refined. Analog stick has less games and better sensitivity, while triggers have also been improved.

    Although this controller is for PlayStation 4, but it works wirelessly with other platforms. It involves working well in the form of raspberry pie controller, which makes perfect for retrophi. If you are using a retro-PS3 controller first, then this is a great upgrade.

    3. Best Wired Controller for Retrop

    Yes, the wireless name is correct, but with the elite controller, you have to plug the Xbox Wireless Controller to use it with your retro. Even keeping this in mind, this is a fantastic controller.

    With a better directional pad than the older Xbox 360 controllers, it is well suited for retro gaming. If you are looking for something that can pull Triple Duty between Xbox One, PC games and your RetroPie, then this trick will be gone.

    4. Best Affordable Wired Controller for Retropi:

    If you prefer Xbox-style controllers, but want something more affordable then AmazonBasics Xbox One Wired Controller should work for you. With a brief look, you can not even see that it is a third-party controller.

    While the price tag is low, the quality is not low. You are not going to feel much like the one, but if you are looking for a second or extra retro-controller, then it will work perfectly.

    5. Best Modern Retro Controller for Retrop

    So far, all the controllers of this list are very modern in terms of look and feel. If you are looking for modern facilities with a retro vibe, then the 8 Bitto SF 30 Pro Controller is worth seeing.

    It looks like a hot-roded SNES controller, with retro color scheme but with modern analog sticks. It uses Bluetooth and will work well with Retropi. It makes a great candidate for the best wireless controller for RetroPe.

    6. Best Variety Controller Pack for RetroPe

    If you have tried to play games from some systems on your retropoos, then maybe you have some control better than others. Its part is that some games work better with some system controllers.

    To add some variation, you can add 5 USB Classic Controller Pack of Retro Power to your collection. You get NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation-style controllers all in one bundle.

    7. Best Wireless Controller Pack for Retro

    For many of us, our retro gaming memories include playing with our friends. If you want to see some of those memories again, you will need more than one controller. INNEXT SNES Retro USB PC Super Classic Controller 2 Pack will find that cheap and easy for you.

    These are SNES style controllers, but they are wireless. Although they are not Bluetooth. Instead, they use a USB dongle that you plug in your RetroPie, just like you would with a wired controller.

    8. Best Affordable Controller Pack for Retropi

    If you need some controllers, but they do not need to be wireless, you’ll find there iNNEXT SNES Retro USB Controller 2 Pack. They do not envision anything, but they are probably better than those cheap third party controllers you used when your official SNC controller was broken.

    They officially support Raspberry Pie, which means they will do great work with RetroPy. They also come in a sleek-looking black colored finish.

    Unbrick Your Android Phone: Top Methods

    Unbrick Your Android Phone Top Methods

    So you’ve turned off your phone. You flash a ROM, install a mod, tweak a system file, or do something else – and now your phone will not boot.

    Do not panic! It is almost certainly certain. How to remove Android phone here

    How is your phone

    The steps to unbrick a phone depend on how it is covered with brick at first. There are two categories of briquette phones:

    Soft brick The phone is stored on the Android boot screen, stuck in the boot loop, or goes straight for recovery. As long as you press the power button something happens, it is a soft brick. The good news is that it is very easy to fix them.

    Hard brick and this feature like You push another guide of info the power button and nothing happens. Hard bricks can be caused by issues such as attempting to flash an incompatible ROM or a kernel, and there is usually no software solution for them. Hard bricks are horrible news, but fortunately they are quite rare.

    Most likely you are soft brick, and you will see something like the image above. While the different tools work, this difference is difficult to come with catch-all solutions to hold Android, there are four general tricks you can try to bring yourself back on the track:

    Erase the data, then flash a custom ROM again
    Disable Xposed Mode via Recovery
    Restore a Nandroid Backup
    Flash a factory image

    What do you want to unbrick an Android phone

    Chances are you already have the majority of the tools you need to unbrick your phone. They are the same tools that you used to root your device and flash roms, so you should already know how they work. However, double-check before you begin.

    The most important is a custom recovery. When you route your phone, you can install it, but it can sometimes be overwritten by stock recovery, or can be completely erased. If you need to reset it, then we recommend going with TWRP. This is a fully featured custom retrieval that is easy to use, and makes for most popular devices.

    After this, you may need Fastboot and ADB. These are usually used to route and polish system modes, and you can get it from the Android Developers website. If you are not familiar with them, then check our primer about using fastboot and ADB.

    1. Wipe data and re-flash a custom ROM

    Try this method: If you’ve flash a ROM and have not booted Android now.

    One of the most likely reasons for soft braking your phone is that you have problems while flashing custom roms. The culprit here is often that you did not erase your data first.

    It is referred to as “dirty flash” and occurs when you choose the disadvantage of restoring your apps and data by flashing a new ROM over your old one. As a general rule, if you are flashing a new version of your existing ROM, you can get away from it, but whenever you flash a different rom, you should always erase your data.

    Fortunately, this is easy to fix – as long as you do not back up your phone properly. If you are not good, then you have learned an important lesson. follow these steps:

    Boot Your Custom Recovery

    Check box marked data (you can also erase the system, ART cache and re-cache), then confirm
    Flash your custom ROM again

    Wiping your data effectively scans the factory, but it should not clean your internal storage or SD card (however, again, you should secure it back). When you restart your phone, you will see the Android setup screen. After you enter your Google Account information, your application should start automatically reinstalling.

    2. Disable Xposed Module in Recovery

    Try this method: If you get the boot loop after installing the new Xposed module.

    The Xposed Framework is one of the simplest ways of modifying your phone, but it is also one of the most dangerous. Installing the best Xposed module is very easy – many of them are available in the Play Store – that they slacken you in the false sense of security. Before installing the new Xposed module, it is not possible to take any nondroid backup, even if they can brick your phone.

    Use ADB Push to install Xposed Uninstaller

    The best way to deal with these problems is the Xposed Uninstaller. This is a small flashable zip that you can install through Recovery to remove Xposed from your device.

    Top Windows Apps That Automatically Organize

      Top Windows Apps That Automatically Organize

      The only way to overcome information overload is to keep everything in its place on arrival. But you do not want to spend all your time in organizing files on Windows 10. Why not adopt a smart and lazy way! After all, your files are better organized, as quickly as you can get from them what you want them to do.

      But how do you start? We will show you some excellent apps that allow you to automatically arrange different types of files in windows.

      1. File Juggler

      If you have a problem organizing your files, consider using the Automation utility app. The file monitors changes in the jugular folder and performs an action based on a set of rules. If the application uses conditional and then makes statements like IFTTT. With file juggler, you can rename, move, copy, remove, and more.

      Before using the app, plan on what you want to do with files. Add a button to a brief description and type. Add a folder for which you want to take action in the Monitor section. If you add a condition to the section.

      See the Status page for more information. Finally, then select an action that you want to put on your files in the box then.

      unique features:

      File Juggler lets you transfer files and rename based on the content of PDFs you find. Use this to organize the invoice, credit card bill, and snippet of information.

      The app lets you create variables to organize different types of content with accuracy. Variables include file names, paths, dates, file properties, and more.

      After organizing the file, you can ask the file’s wizard to upload the file to everanote. Choose your desired notebook and add tags to notes.

      There is a separate tab called Log to help keep track and check whether it is working correctly or not.

      2. Drop It

      DropIt is open source and the file works on the same principle of walter. To organize files, you have to create rules and tasks. Right-click on the floating icon and select Association. Click the plus button to create the rule. Then, drag files and folders into the DropIt icon to process them.

      And like the file jigger, you can define a watch folder or activate the SendTo integration to process files and folders. You can define your content to filter by name, date, size, property and define one of the 21 available tasks. They include uploads, renaming, encrypting, compressing, changing attributes, and much more.

      To define filters, the rule area is a powerful feature in the drop-down. This file is better than juggler With different types of characters, concise and regular expressions, you can choose to filter files by name, extension or type in a selectively manner.

      unique features:

      Group Association in different profiles. For example, you can set up an association for the office computer and another one for home. You can easily switch between profiles.
      To split and join files, there are some special actions, including creating a list of files in the form of HTML, creating a playlist, sending files via email, and more.

      You can set a timer to monitor the folders at set intervals. DropIt will also show you a progress window for the monitored folders.

      The app also supports the use of environment variables in the Destination field. For example, you can include a short name with the file along with their path, a short name with the creation or revised date, and much more.

      3. Add photo

      Photo Organizer apps like Adobe Lightroom make your EXIF ​​data incredibly easy to organize your photos. If you do not use these types of apps, then listing and sorting all these photos in one folder is a headache. With limited support of metadata, organizing photos in your PC is a manual and tedious task.

      PhotoMove is an app that automatically uses to transfer (or copy) photos and sort photos into folders based on actual date. To get started, select the source folder containing your photos. Then, set the destination folder.

      Click the Move or Copy button to process your files. Alternatively, go to settings and fix folder structure, duplicate file handling, file type, and more.

      unique features:

      PhotoMove works perfectly with NAS. If you have a large photo collection, you can move and sort photos directly into the NAS.

      To organize the pictures, choose a different type of folder structure. In the free edition, you can organize photos by (Yr, Month, Date). There are ten different options in the Pro version.